Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service

Updated: 12:47pm, Sat. Jan. 18, 2020

On Monday, January 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, MAX, WES Commuter Rail, and Portland Streetcar will run on regular weekday schedules. Many bus lines will also run on regular weekday schedules. Several bus lines will run on Saturday schedules, and a few will be canceled. TriMet customer service offices will be closed. More

LIFT Eligibility Requirements

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you may be eligible for LIFT service if you have a disability or disabling health condition and your disability or health condition prevents you from independently using TriMet buses and MAX Light Rail.

Basis for eligibility

The presence of a disability or a disabling health condition by itself does not make you eligible. Eligibility is also not based on your age, inability to drive, or the lack of availability or inconvenience of fixed-route services.

For example, someone’s physical and/or mental impairment might prevent them from:

  • getting to and from bus stops or MAX stations
  • waiting at a stop or station
  • boarding and exiting
  • understanding and remembering how to use the services
  • finding their way


Categories of LIFT eligibility

A LIFT applicant’s eligibility may be classified as conditional, unconditional or temporary. These categories are defined and mandated by the ADA regulation.

Conditional eligibility

Conditional eligibility includes a description of certain circumstances or “conditions” when the person is unable to use fixed-route services and would qualify to use the LIFT service. Currently, LIFT relies on the individual to decide when they need to use LIFT service for any specific trip.

Unconditional eligibility

Unconditional eligibility means that the person’s disability or health condition prevents them from using fixed-route services for all trips.

Temporary eligibility

Temporary eligibility is determined when the person’s abilities and/or limitations are expected to change within a period of time.

Visitor eligibility

Visitors to the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area who are unable to use the accessible bus or MAX light rail, or WES commuter rail service because of their disabilities, are eligible to use TriMet LIFT service for 21 days in a rolling 365-day period. To apply for visitor’s status please have your current paratransit provider mail, fax, or email verification of your eligibility to our office.

If you do not have paratransit service in your home area, please submit a written statement of your disability and your contact information to our office. Once we receive the information we will contact you for any further information to complete your registration.

You will be notified by mail once your registration is complete.

LIFT customers also have the option to apply for visitor eligibility when visiting other locations where paratransit service is provided. You should first contact the local transit agency to determine what information is required for registration and where it should be sent. LIFT staff will forward your eligibility status to the transit agency you will be visiting upon your request.

For more information on visitor eligibility, please contact the LIFT Administrative Office:

TriMet Transit Mobility Center
515 NW Davis Street
Portland, OR 97209
Phone: 503-962-8200
Fax: 503-962-8229


LIFT application process

To use the LIFT service you must complete the application process and be determined eligible. The purpose of the application process is to identify the best transit option for you based on your abilities. You must submit an application form and complete an in-person interview to discuss your application and abilities. The in-person evaluation may also include a functional assessment of your abilities to use transit on a simulated and/or actual transit trip.

Once you have submitted your application, TriMet staff will contact you to schedule the in-person evaluation and answer any questions you may have about the process. If needed, free LIFT transportation will be provided to the Transit Mobility Center at 515 NW Davis Street, Portland, to complete the evaluation. If a functional assessment is required, it will be completed at the same appointment by qualified professional evaluators. You should allow approximately 1.5–2 hours for your appointment.

If you use a mobility device, you will be asked to complete a mobility device evaluation as part of the process. Consistent with Department of Transportation regulations, TriMet will carry a mobility device with three or more wheels and its user so long as the lift can safely accommodate the size and weight of the wheelchair and its user and there is space for the wheelchair on the vehicle.


Applying for LIFT service

To request a LIFT application packet by mail or fax, contact the Transit Mobility Center at 503-962-8200, option #2 or download the application packet below.

LIFT Application Packet

LIFT Eligibility Appeal Process