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We’re making door-to-door travel even easier with our next-generation Trip Planner, which you can test now.

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What’s New

Combine transit with other modes

You can now combine your transit trip with e-scooters, carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing services (as well as good old-fashioned biking and walking) in the same itinerary, or plan a trip using a Park & Ride. Plan the trip that works best for you — whether you’re in a hurry, looking to save money or interested in the most convenient option.

Find a faster trip: See more travel options for getting to or from your bus stop or MAX/WES station. Uber, car2go, e-scooters and BIKETOWN are included so far, with more to come.

Save some $: If you normally use a ridesharing app such as Uber, you could save money by taking transit part of the way.

Better location search

You can now search using nearly any business name or landmark, in addition to addresses and intersections, when you’re entering your destination.

Real-time trip planning

The Trip Planner now uses the real-time locations of buses and trains, so you’ll automatically get the fastest trip based on current conditions.

Real-time BIKETOWN availability

See how many bikes are available at any BIKETOWN station at-a-glance on the map.

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Real-time e-scooter availability

See locations of nearby e-scooters, including Bird, Bolt, Lime, Razor, shared and Spin.

Real-time vehicles on map

See nearby buses and trains moving along their routes on the map.

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Down the road

As more people combine transit with other modes to get around, were improving our trip tools to make it easier and faster to plan the best route. Adding e-scooters, carsharing, bikesharing and ridesharing to our Trip Planner is an important first step, but it’s just one part of a bigger vision. Eventually, you’ll be able to plan, book and pay for all the modes used on your trip — all in one place.

Learn more about the partners, projects and technologies powering the new Trip Planner.