Reimagining Public Safety & Security on Transit
Request for Proposals

TriMet’s Department of Transit Equity, Inclusion, and Community Affairs, with funding from TriMet’s Safety and Security Division, is currently reviewing proposals for Community-based Mini Trainings for our front-line staff and system partners. This work will enable TriMet to continue making our transit system safer and more welcoming for all.

The selected training programs will receive a one-time payment of up to $10,000.

Community-based Training Request for Proposal (RFP) Categories

In continuing support of the Reimagining Public Safety and Security Committee’s work to expand training, TriMet requested training proposals across three categories. The three training categories include:

  • Category 1

    Rider Support Training for community-identified ridership groups

    Info and application PDF

  • Category 2

    Enhanced Rider Engagement & Support Trainings

    Info and application PDF

  • Category 3

    Enhanced, Community-informed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training in support of our BIPOC and other traditionally marginalized community riders.

    Info and application PDF

Questions and answers

Is there a TriMet budget template required as part of this application process?

No. Final contract cost will run from $5,000 up to a maximum of $10,000. Any costs above $5,000 will reflect the costs of any additional consulting and development associated with integrating the selected training into TriMet’s preferred systems and processes.

Are you requesting metrics in the RFP on how we would assess the success of that training?

Yes. An example of a success metric could be awareness of a certain population of riders, and asking how we would measure the awareness. Or, an online survey conducted after training to measure what was learned.

Could the assessment be done online right after the training?


What is a LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It's an online learning  system and allows for registration, enrollment and attendance tracking for self-directed e-learning, as well as instructor-led courses. It's the module we'll use together for these trainings.  

What is the name of your LMS? 

Oracle Om Prem. 

My proposal is based on integrating multiple 15-minute mini-lessons in four sequenced lessons. Is this what you're looking for?    

This proposed format is acceptable. The LMS can support a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute training course or module. The LMS supports shortened lessons taken over time or trainings that must be completed in an hour.  

When will the contract be awarded?

The contract will be awarded in spring 2022. 

What is TriMet's timeline for beginning the training once the contract is awarded? 

Timelines will depend on the partners' availability.

Can I submit one proposal for multiple categories?

No, you must submit a separate proposal for each area of proposed training. 

How many areas of training are in each category?  

  • Category 1: Eight areas of focus
  • Category 2: Three areas of focus
  • Category 3: Three areas of focus
  • For a total of 14 areas of focus

What do you mean by "work sample?"

Work samples could include 

  • A story board, or one paired with learning objectives and a resource list
  • PDFs of hand outs or training materials
  • Training workbooks or toolkits

Can the work sample be something that's not directly related to the topics?

Yes. You may include what you have delivered in the past, even if it's not 100% related to the category and topics.

My organization previously worked with TriMet on community outreach, including focus groups. May we include our experience of working with TriMet in our proposals?   


How much can an organization apply for across the three RFP categories?

Each training area of focus has up to $10,000 available for reimbursable costs. Final contracts will reflect each approved training area of focus as a separate deliverable. Click the PDF below for a breakdown of funding for each training area of focus.

Training areas of focus PDF

Can you provide us with data for the Reimagining Public Safety and Security program?

Yes. All of the data is available on the webpage.   

Does my organization have to be located within the TriMet District Boundary to submit a proposal?

No. However, we strongly encourage local organizations to apply. 

What are the demographics of the people taking the trainings  ?

TriMet's workforce reflects the diversity of our region. Additional demographics may be provided to successful awardees.     

RFP Schedule

TriMet reserves the right to deviate and/or modify this schedule:

RFP Issue Date: February 25, 2022

Deadline to submit questions: March 18, 2022

Proposals due: 5 p.m., March 25, 2022

Evaluation of Proposals: March 28–April 6, 2022

Notice of Intent to Award Contract: April 22, 2022