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To 14100 Block SW 72nd

  1. 1

    Walk 3/4 mile to 14100 Block SW 72nd

    Elevation gain: 16.9 feet
    Elevation loss: -35.7 feet
    Elevation chart dynamic img (requires javascript)

    1. Depart from Kruse Oaks Dr
    2. Walk 656 feet south from Kruse Oaks Dr
    3. Turn right on Meadows Rd
    4. Walk 139 feet west on Meadows Rd
    5. Turn left on parking aisle
    6. Walk 950 feet south on parking aisle
    7. Turn left on Bangy Rd
    8. Walk 385 feet south on Bangy Rd
    9. Turn right on Bonita Rd
    10. Walk 200 feet west on Bonita Rd
    11. Continue 1/4 mile west on SW Bonita Rd
    12. Turn right on SW 72nd Ave
    13. Walk 860 feet north on SW 72nd Ave

    Map of starting point (300x288)

    Map of ending point (300x288)