Martin Luther King Jr. Day schedules

Martin Luther King Jr. Day schedules

Updated: 9:11am, Mon. Jan. 17, 2022

For the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday today, MAX and buses are running on Sunday schedule. WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar are running on regular weekday schedules. Buses that do not normally run on Sundays are not in service. TriMet Customer Service offices are closed. More


35-Macadam/Greeley connects Oregon City, Lake Oswego, South Waterfront, Portland City Center, Old Town/Chinatown, Union Station, the Rose Quarter and North Portland (University of Portland), via Highway 43, Macadam, 5th/6th, Interstate, Greeley and Willis.

Line 35 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

No service to northbound Willamette Dr & Mark Ln (Stop ID 6332) due to stop closure. Temp stop located 175 ft north.

Beginning Monday, January 10, for weekday service to University of Portland, the first two trips in the morning departing from Oregon City (8762) at 4:46 a.m. and 5:24 a.m. will be cut temporarily due to a shortage of bus operators and other workers. This means the earliest trip will depart Oregon City at 5:35 a.m., then depart Lake Oswego TC (8207) at 5:51 a.m. and arrive at S Macadam & Nevada at 6:00 a.m. instead of 5:10 a.m. And for service to Oregon City TC, the first southbound trip from N Portsmouth & Willamette (9635) will begin eight minutes later but arrive at SW Moody & Gibbs only one minute later than currently scheduled. More

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