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Ridership and Performance Statistics

Monthly performance data, ridership trends and rider characteristics

Performance reports

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Ridership trends

Riders boarded a TriMet bus, MAX train or WES train 99.3 million times in Fiscal Year 2010.

Weekly ridership on buses, MAX and WES has increased for all but one year since 1988.

For more than a decade, ridership has been increasing faster than other indicators of regional growth, including population and automobile vehicle miles traveled.

TriMet carries more people than any other U.S. transit system its size.

Rider characteristics

84% of riders say they have a car available but prefer to ride TriMet, or they choose not to own a car because they prefer TriMet.

80% of residents in the TriMet service area (age 16 and older) say they ride TriMet to some degree, and 43% ride "a couple of times a month or more."

About half (51%) of riders say they use a combination of buses and MAX, 34% use MAX only, and 13% use buses only.

77% of frequent/regular riders say they approve of the job we're doing.

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Source: TriMet 2010 Attitude & Awareness Study, a random telephone survey conducted among a representative sample of 1,000 adults (16 years of age +) residing in the TriMet service area. The survey was conducted from November 2010 to January 2011.