Real Property Department

The Real Property Department grants licenses and permits for utility crossings on TriMet right-of-way, and also grants permits for access to right-of-way. We also enter into leases, sales, and purchases, of Real Property (real estate), and .

License to install a utility crossing

Lead times

License applications should be submitted at least eight weeks before you need access. Licenses require review by multiple TriMet departments including Real Property, Maintenance of Way, Right of Way, Engineering and Legal.

License applications for fiber optics or cell towers may take up to six months because they require federal approval.

License downloads

License Application

Includes licensing guidelines and online-fillable forms. Submit this application for utility crossings above, at or below MAX lines and other areas such as Park & Ride lots.

License Rates



For property management, TriMet often follows ODOT’s (Oregon Department of Transportation) guidelines. Questions? Please call 503-962-2129.


Acquisition and relocation

In cooperation with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), the Real Property department implements Federal, State and local laws that govern public project and program activities for new light rail lines, bus operations and administration. TriMet sometimes needs to acquire right-of-way or other property interests and move families and businesses. TriMet’s goal is to serve all property owners and occupants fairly and equitably.

Acquisition and relocation booklet