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Honored Citizen Tickets and Passes

For seniors, Medicare members and people with disabilities

"Honored Citizen" is how TriMet identifies seniors age 65 or older, people on Medicare and people with mental or physical disabilities. Honored Citizens receive reduced fares and priority seating on buses and trains.

Honored Citizen benefits

  • Reduced fares: You pay less than half the price of a regular Adult ticket, which allows unlimited rides on buses, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar. Just select "Honored Citizen" when purchasing your fare.
  • Priority seating: The seats nearest the door are reserved for you.
  • Personal attendant rides free: A personal attendant may accompany you (if you qualify).

Seniors 65 and older

Photo of senior citizen reading a schedule at a bus stop

If you are age 65 or older, you are eligible to use Honored Citizen fares. Proof of age is required when boarding: Be prepared to show either your government-issued photo ID (with proof of age) or your TriMet Honored Citizen ID Card.

Medicare members

If you are a Medicare member, you are eligible to use Honored Citizen fares. You may show your Medicare card and your government-issued photo ID as proof of eligibility, but be sure to protect your card to avoid identity theft and Medicare fraud. Better yet, get an Honored Citizen ID Card to use instead.

People with disabilities

If you have a mental or physical disability, you must be issued a TriMet Honored Citizen Card before you can use Honored Citizen fares. Be prepared to show your card when boarding.

Honored Citizen tickets and transfers are accepted on TriMet's LIFT Paratransit service with an additional cash payment. Honored Citizen Monthly Passes are not accepted on LIFT.

Downtown-only pass

For Honored Citizen riders living in Downtown Portland, a downtown-only pass, valid for travel on buses, MAX and Portland Streetcar, is available for only $10.