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FX-Frequent Express

FX2-Division is our high-capacity bus service along Division Street in Southeast Portland. It’s fast, efficient and convenient, with buses arriving every 12 minutes for most of the day, every day.

FX bus
  • Buses run every 12 minutes all day

  • Longer buses with room for 60% more people

  • Next-generation signals prioritize buses for faster trips

  • All-door boarding for faster stops

  • Bus lanes at key locations will keep buses moving around congestion

FX2-Division route

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FX 2-Division map

The bus and station

FX amenities
  • 1 Front door

    Cash fare box and Hop reader;

    Board and exit with mobility devices;

    Ramp for mobility devices

  • 2 Middle door

    Pay with Hop

  • 3 Rear door

    Pay with Hop;

    Board and exit with a bike

  • 4 Priority seating

    For seniors and people with disabilities

  • 5 Getting off the bus

    Touch strip/pull cord to tell operator to stop at the next station;

    Overhead sign and speaker announce the next station

  • 6 Bike racks

    Board at the rear door to use either of the two bike racks

  • 7 Shelter

    Featuring weather protection, a bench and nighttime lighting (most stations)

  • 8 Bike lane

    Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians

  • 9 TransitTracker sign

    Shows next bus arrivals in real-time


FX bus drone fly-through

How to ride

Boarding and paying your fare


Loading your bike


Using a mobility device


Service alerts in effect:

No service to SW Hall & 5th (Stop ID 13780) due to construction. Temp stop located at SW Harrison & 6th (Stop ID 13305).

No service to eastbound SE Division & 113th (Stop ID 14227) due to construction. Temporary stop located east of stop.

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renewable diesel icon

Reducing our carbon emissions

Like all of our regular bus service, the new FX buses will run on renewable diesel, a cleaner-burning fuel we’re using to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The move to renewable diesel is an important one while we transition to a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2040.

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Looking to the future

We’re studying other possible FX routes along other major regional roads and highways — stay tuned for updates.

Learn more about the transit projects currently being led by Metro.