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New MAX Trains Join the Fleet in 2015

We've ordered 18 new-and-improved MAX vehicles for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Transit Project.

MAX Type 5 Fact Sheet

The last time we bought new MAX vehicles was in September 2009, when MAX Green Line opened. In addition to a more aerodynamic look, the 22 "Type 4" vehicles manufactured by Siemens had more seating, more operator safety features, and improved deceleration and stopping abilities over previous MAX models.

Since those trains went into operation, riders and staff have suggested a number of improvements. This feedback has helped us develop the specifications for our next-generation (Type 5) trains, currently being manufactured by Siemens.

The first of the new MAX trains arrived in September 2014. Each vehicle will go into service after inspection, "burn-in" trips out on the system and safety certification.

Here's what's new on these trains and how it might improve your ride:

Priority seating for seniors and riders with disabilities

Riders told us: There's not enough seating for seniors and riders with disabilities, and there's not enough companion seating for riders using mobility devices.

What we're doing about it: We're changing the layout to allow for four additional seats between the doors. The layout of the new Type 5 MAX is similar to that of our Type 2 and Type 3 vehicles.

Boarding ramp

Riders told us: The boarding ramp (for riders using mobility devices) can be difficult to use compared to the ramps on the Type 2 and Type 3 vehicles.

What we're doing about it: We're making the new ramps more similar to the Type 2 and 3 ramps so that they are easier to use.

Air conditioning

Riders told us: Type 4 trains are always cold!

What we're doing about it: We hear you! The Type 4 air-conditioning system was originally designed for "peak performance" (100-degree temperature and full passenger loads). On the new Type 5 vehicles, we're reducing the peak load requirements based on actual conditions, so it will reduce the airflow of the system and keep the temperature more comfortable for riders.



Seating layout and comfort

Riders told us: In the "parlor cab" (the area at the coupled end of each MAX vehicle), the seats on both sides face away from the door and oncoming foot traffic. When you sit there, it's hard to see what's going on around you. Also, a few of the seats in the middle of the train are really uncomfortable and don't have enough legroom.

What we're doing about it: In the parlor cab, most seats will be facing the vehicle doors. We are also adding more legroom to the seats near the center door windscreens. In the center section of the train, we are removing two notoriously uncomfortable seats, and all seats in this section of the train will face the aisle, as they do on many of our older trains.

"Parlor cab" seating
"Parlor cab" seating

Center section seating
Center section seating

Seating layout 3

"Parlor cab" seating

Center section seating

Center section seating