Partial Closure of Gateway Green Park

Due to construction, the south end of the park will be closed September 2021 through late 2024.


Park status


Evolution of Gateway Green

Gateway Green was envisioned in three phases:

  • Phase 1

    Opened in 2017

    Included the Gateway Green Dirtlab, with new trails, jump line and skills area.

  • Phase 2

    Opened in 2020

    Included the Gateway Green Development, with pump track, “hub” gathering area and expanded trails. This included the gravity lines on the south end of the park (Linda’s Line), which opened as a temporary feature, to be replaced — bigger and better — after construction of TriMet’s Better Red Project (Phase 3).

  • Phase 3

    Opening in late 2024 after Better Red construction

    Will include a new south entrance directly connecting to Gateway Transit Center and an improved version of Linda’s Line and Rebar Ridge.


South end is closed beginning September 1, 2021 and continuing through late 2024

TriMet construction requires closure of the south end of the park, including a portion of the Linda’s Line and Rebar Ridge areas, for more than two years.

  • [CLOSED]
    South entrance
  • [CLOSED]
    Upper sections of Linda’s Line trail
  • [CLOSED]
    Upper sections of Rebar Ridge trail


Central and north ends are open

The central and north ends of the park will remain open throughout TriMet’s construction. Park features that will remain OPEN include:

  • [OPEN]
    Jump line
  • [OPEN]
    Skills Area
  • [OPEN]
    Asphalt pump track
  • [OPEN]
    Concrete speed ring
  • [OPEN]
    “Hub” gathering area
  • [OPEN]
  • [OPEN]
    Single track trails in the woods / north end

Gateway Green Park map with construction area at the south end

Gateway Green map

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TriMet’s Better Red project

TriMet’s Better Red project extends MAX Red Line west to serve 10 more stations and improves schedule reliability for the entire MAX system. The project adds new multi-use paths at Gateway and PDX, creating more options for accessing transit and getting around without a car.

At Gateway, Better Red will add a second track, in a section where MAX Red Line has only one track that creates bottlenecks affecting the entire light rail system.

This requires construction of two new bridges at Gateway Green Park: one spanning the existing MAX track and I-205 multi-use path, and another spanning I-84 and Union Pacific Railroad tracks. This new bridge over the freeway and railroad will include a multi-use path, providing easier access to Gateway Green for both park users and emergency vehicles.

Park improvements

Upon completion of Better Red construction in early 2024, TriMet will:

  • Better access

    Open the new bridge over I-84, with new multi-use park access for bicycles, pedestrians, and emergency vehicles.

  • Longer spine road

    Extend the gravel, 5% grade “spine road” south to the hilltop and new bridge

  • New trees

    Replace the approximately 15 trees that must be removed for construction with more than 80 new trees

  • More vertical drop

    Regrade the slope in the Phase 3 area to provide approximately 80 yards of increased run and at least 10 feet more vertical drop

  • New gravity lines

    Portland Parks and partners will construct the new south slope gravity lines in late 2024.


Rendering of new multi-use path

Conceptual rendering subject to change
Conceptual rendering subject to change
Conceptual rendering subject to change
Conceptual rendering subject to change


Rendering of completed south end

Gateway Green rendering

Conceptual rendering subject to change

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