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Making transit better
in Southwest

The Southwest Service Enhancement Plan is a future transit vision for Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Durham, King City, and Southwest Portland. We developed this new vision using population research, surveys, and outreach to the community. With the improving economy and the recent increase in the employer payroll tax (phased in over 10 years), our customers can look forward to steady implementation of many of the plan’s recommendations over the next decade.

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Southwest Service Enhancement Plan

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Vision for Transit in the Future

The sections below describe the specific improvements in the vision that will make it easier for Southwest residents to get around on transit.


More Transit Coverage

Realign bus lines to provide more connections, steamline routes and fill service gaps.

  • Realign bus lines to better connect residential areas to employment centers like Tualatin-Sherwood Rd., 72nd Ave., Bridgeport, Kruse Way, Progress Ridge, Washington Square, and the Tualatin, Tigard, and Beaverton downtowns.
  • Fill major gaps in transit coverage on Durham Rd., Denney Rd., 124th Ave., Salamo Rd. and to Southeast Portland and Clackamas TC via the Sellwood Bridge.
  • Extend service to new and growing areas like South Cooper Mountain, the Tualatin Industrial Area, and Basalt Creek.


More Frequency and Service Hours

  • Upgrade four bus lines to Frequent Service Lines serving Highway 43/Macadam Ave., Capitol Highway (to PCC Sylvania), Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, and Hall Blvd.
  • Run service all day on weekdays on Terwilliger to OHSU, Vermont St., Boones Ferry Rd. in Lake Grove, Dosch/Patton roads, and 72nd Ave. Increase weekend service.
  • Work with jurisdictions to identify and implement transit priority treatments to help buses move through traffic faster.


Improved Access to Transit

  • Work with jurisdictions to identify and find funding to improve sidewalks and crossings along and connecting to transit lines.
  • Improved bike connections to and storage facilities at major bus transfer locations like Beaverton Transit Center, Washington Square, Tigard Transit Center, Bridgeport Village, and downtown Tualatin.


Community/Job Connector Service

Pass through federal funds for transit service in low income communities and areas with a high number of entry-level jobs where TriMet service is not economically viable.


Making this Vision a Reality

Implementing this vision will depend on available resources and an ongoing annual review of opportunities and priorities with an emphasis on equity, demand, productivity, connections, and growth. In September 2015, TriMet’s Board of Directors approved an increase in the payroll and self-employment tax rate with revenues dedicated to new and improved service. This new revenue will fund a portion of this vision, phased in as the revenue grows over 10 years.



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Southwest Corridor Plan

Metro’s Southwest Corridor Plan is currently studying options for a potential high-capacity transit service between Portland, Tigard and Tualatin, which would help relieve congestion and maintain livability in this fast-growing corridor.