Making Transit Better


Making transit better
on the Westside

The Westside Service Enhancement Plan is a future transit vision for Beaverton, Hillsboro, Cornelius, Forest Grove and unincorporated Washington County north of Scholls Ferry Rd. We developed this vision using population research, surveys, and outreach to the community. With the improving economy and the recent increase in the employer payroll tax (phased in over 10 years), our customers can look forward to steady implementation of many of the plan’s recommendations over the next decade.

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Westside Service Enhancement Plan Report

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Westside Service Enhancement Plan Concept Map

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What We Learned

Our research identified five needs for transit on the Westside:


More and better transit connections

Connect neighborhoods with job centers, schools and shopping.

  • Bring MAX Red Line to Hillsboro for frequent and direct access to Portland International Airport (MAX Blue Line would go to Beaverton Transit Center only.)

  • Add new high capacity transit to TV Highway

  • Build a grid of bus service with more north-south service


Less waiting/faster trips

Increase frequency, launch express service and implement transit priority treatments to reduce travel time.

  • Restore 15-minute frequency on MAX and frequent service lines region-wide

  • Add new frequent service lines to 174th, 185th and 229th aves., Farmington Rd., Cornell Rd., Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy., and Hall Blvd.

  • Increase bus frequency to 15 minutes during peak times and 20–30 minutes during the midday

  • Decrease travel times with express service and priority signal and bus lane treatments


A safe place to walk

Increase access to transit by improving sidewalks, crossings and bus stops.

  • Encourage jurisdictions to fund sidewalk, crossing and bus stop safety enhancements

  • Introduce bus service and bus stop improvements as sidewalks and crossing are upgraded


Bridge the last mile

Link MAX with employers:

  • Provide space for shared bike or car options at MAX stations

  • Partner with the City of Hillsboro on a network of mobility hubs—transit, carpools, bikes, transportation information

  • Increase covered bike parking for all day or overnight storage at MAX stations


New cost-effective “Community Connector” transit

Provide shuttle services in areas where ridership can’t support traditional bus service.


Making this Vision a Reality

Implementing this vision will depend on available resources and an ongoing annual review of opportunities and priorities with an emphasis on equity, demand, productivity, connections, and growth. In September 2015, TriMet’s Board of Directors approved an increase in the payroll and self-employment tax rate with revenues dedicated to new and improved service. This new revenue will fund a portion of this vision, phased in as the revenue grows over 10 years.