70-12th/NE 33rd Ave

70-12th/NE 33rd Ave connects the Sunderland neighborhood, SE Portland, Sellwood and Milwaukie, via 33rd, Columbia, Broadway, 21st, Multnomah, 11th/12th and 17th. Note: In the Moreland/Sellwood neighborhoods trips alternate travel between 13th and 17th.

Line 70 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

No service to the stops in both directions at NE 33rd & Dekum (Stop IDs 7369 & 7370), and on NE Columbia Blvd at 29th (Stop IDs 8499 & 8508), 27th (Stop IDs 1115 & 8500) and 24th (Stop IDs 8498 & 8507) due to structural issues on the ramp at 33rd & Columbia. Buses will instead serve stops along NE Dekum between 33rd and M L King, and on NE M L King between Dekum and Lombard. This route will be serving most missed Line 75 stops on NE Dekum.

No service to southbound SE 11th & Ash (Stop ID 6541) due to long-term construction.

Starting Thursday, January 27 no service northbound at NE 33rd & Going (Stop ID 7375) due to ADA sidewalk construction.

For trips to 33rd & Sunderland, no service to the stop at NE 33rd & Prescott (Stop ID 7391). No service to northbound NE 33rd & Going (Stop ID 7375).

Effective Jan. 31, 2022 Beginning Monday, January 31 through Wednesday, February 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., for trips to 33rd & Sunderland, no service at SE 17th & Tenino (Stop ID 6897) due to telecom work.

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