Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

Updated: 10:05am, Fri. Jun. 24, 2022

With hot weather in the forecast, be sure to stay hydrated, plan ahead and check trimet.org before you go. All MAX lines slow to no faster than 35 mph in 100+ heat.

70-12th/NE 33rd Ave

70-12th/NE 33rd Ave connects the Sunderland neighborhood, SE Portland, Sellwood and Milwaukie, via 33rd, Columbia, Broadway, 21st, Multnomah, 11th/12th and 17th. Note: In the Moreland/Sellwood neighborhoods trips alternate travel between 13th and 17th.

Line 70 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

No service to the stops in both directions at NE 33rd & Dekum (Stop IDs 7369 & 7370), and on NE Columbia Blvd at 29th (Stop IDs 8499 & 8508), 27th (Stop IDs 1115 & 8500) and 24th (Stop IDs 8498 & 8507) due to structural issues on the ramp at 33rd & Columbia. Buses will instead serve stops along NE Dekum between 33rd and M L King, and on NE M L King between Dekum and Lombard. This route will be serving most missed Line 75 stops on NE Dekum.

No service to southbound SE 11th & Ash (Stop ID 6541) due to long-term construction.

Starting Thursday, January 27 no service northbound at NE 33rd & Going (Stop ID 7375) due to ADA sidewalk construction.

For trips to 33rd & Sunderland, no service to the stop at NE 33rd & Prescott (Stop ID 7391). No service to northbound NE 33rd & Going (Stop ID 7375).

On Monday, May 2 at 9:00 a.m., for trips to Milwaukie no service at E 11th & Division (Stop ID 6545) due to PGE construction.

For trips to Milwaukie, no service to the stop at NE Dekum & 29th (Stop ID 1288) due to sewer repairs.

No service to northbound NE 33rd & Holman (Stop ID 7378) and NE 33rd & Emerson (Stop ID 7371) due to sidewalk work.

To 33rd & Sunderland: No service at stop SE 12th & Division to SE 12th & Clay. Effective till 11:44am jun 27, 2022

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