A Better Red

A Better Red extends MAX Red Line west to serve 10 more stations and improves schedule reliability for the entire MAX system.

The Better Red project extends MAX Red Line west to serve 10 more stations and improves schedule reliability for the entire MAX system. The project brings nearly $100 million in federal funds and creates jobs for the region.

Construction near the Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport Station and in the Gateway area began in fall 2021, and at Portland International Airport in early 2022. The new Red Line service in Beaverton and Hillsboro opens in fall 2024.


TriMet rail system map



Extending service in Beaverton and Hillsboro

Riders and community members in Beaverton and Hillsboro have been requesting more MAX service for years. And we can see why: During the afternoon peak, Blue Line trains are full while Red Line trains are generally only half-full, suggesting that many riders need to travel farther west than Beaverton Transit Center.


We’ve come up with a plan to extend Red Line service to 10 more west side stations:

New Red Line stations

  • Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport
  • Hawthorn Farm
  • Orenco
  • Quatama
  • Willow Creek/SW 185th Transit Center
  • Elmonica/SW 170th
  • Merlo/SW 158th
  • Beaverton Creek
  • Millikan Way
  • Beaverton Central

Improving system-wide reliability

Over on the east side, we added a second track to sections of the Red Line near Gateway/NE 99th Ave Transit Center and Portland International Airport. Using the existing single track, delayed Red Line trains affect Green and Blue line trains passing through Gateway — even small delays can have a domino effect that spreads throughout the system. A second Red Line track separates airport-bound trains from trains heading to City Center, Beaverton and Hillsboro.

Red Line: Gateway to PDX


Gateway North MAX Station

The project built a new MAX station about 500 feet north of the existing transit center. The Gateway North MAX Station exclusively serves Red Line trains coming from Portland International Airport. Riders heading to the airport from City Center will continue to ride MAX Red Line trains northbound, which pass through Gateway Transit Center.

The new station allows for more efficient travel for trains running between the airport and the Gateway area, and improves reliability on the entire rail system.

Gateway North MAX Station

Estimated project schedule

Federal Funding award
Gateway Construction
Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport Construction
Portland International Airport Construction
Westbound Red Line service begins at new Gateway North station
Red Line service begins at 10 more Beaverton and Hillsboro stations

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Project costs are approximately $215 million, including four new light rail vehicles to accommodate the increased service.





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