Open House

Fall 2019

For language assistance with this open house, please call 503-962-2150.
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The design of the Division Transit Project has progressed over the last nine months, and this online open house lets you explore the final design.


Project Route and Stations

This map shows the route and station locations resulting from project design that began in January 2017.

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Division Route and Stations

Division Transit Project alignment

Line 20 service to Mt. Hood Community College

Approximate station location
(in pairs, with one platform in each direction, except on Transit Mall)

Single-platform station

Design Considerations

When reviewing station locations, it is important to keep in mind the factors the project’s design team took into consideration:

  • Improved safety for all Division Street users
  • Improving travel times through Transit Signal Priority
  • Preserving access to existing businesses and residences when possible
  • An average of 1/3 mile between stations
  • The different connections that exist to and from Division Street for transit riders, bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers
  • Locate stations near Line-2 Division bus stops with high volumes of bus riders
  • Avoiding relocation of gas pipes, sewer lines or major utility poles when possible
  • Bus stops for 60-foot articulated buses
  • New station platforms will be designed to accommodate three doors for boarding the longer buses
  • Locating stops past traffic signals to improve bus travel times


Geographic Areas

These maps focus on four sections of the project route. Click each segment to see a map.

Legend PDF


Station Types

These are the four station types throughout the project based on the appropriate type for the right location. Explore the station areas with 360 views. Also, learn about the project’s shelter design and windscreens.


Line 2 Reallocation

TriMet will reallocate Line 2-Division service hours to other bus service connecting with the Division St. corridor to maximize ridership on Division Transit Project while improving connections to transit. Staff is taking feedback on the following Line 2-Division reallocation proposal:


Line 10-Harold

Change route to replace Line 2-Division service on SE 7th Ave. This requires moving service off SE Ladd St., increasing the number of weekday trips and adding weekend service.

148th Ave

Add new bus line on 148th Ave between SE Division and NE Sandy Blvd. Service will operate approximately every 30 minutes on weekdays only.

Line 87-Airport Way/181st Ave

Upgrade to 15 minute Frequent Service.



Some of the proposed reallocation of service hours will occur prior to project startup (in 2020 and 2021), during startup (2022) and after startup (2023).


Project Schedule

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Service begins













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