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Paying With Your Phone Using a Credit/Debit Card

This is the easiest way to pay, and there’s no Hop card needed! Simply tap your phone on the Hop reader as you board to instantly pay the $2.80 Adult fare.

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How it works

Tap to board

Make sure you’ve selected the payment card you want to use in your mobile wallet, then tap your phone on the green Hop reader as you board to pay the $2.80 Adult fare. The screen will show a confirmation that you paid your fare and you will hear an audible chime. You’re good to go!

Good for 2½ hours

Your fare is valid for 2½ hours, during which time you can board any combination of buses, MAX trains, WES Commuter Rail or Portland Streetcar to complete your trip.

Day Pass:

With Hop, instead of buying passes in advance, you earn them as you go. If you tap again after 2½ hours, you’ll be charged for a second $2.80 fare (for a total of $5.60). You’ll also automatically earn a Day Pass, which means you can ride as much as you want until the end of the service day (3 a.m.) for free. No matter how much you ride, you’ll never pay more than $5.60 in a day.*

Month Pass:

It gets better: After paying for $100 worth of rides in a calendar month, you automatically earn a Month Pass — which means you can ride for free for the rest of the month. No matter how much you ride, you’ll never pay more than a $100 in a month.*

Tap every time

Remember to tap the Hop reader every time you board a bus or train (including when you transfer). You won’t necessarily be charged every time you tap, but your tap is your proof of payment.


* Tip: In order to earn passes as you ride (and save money), remember to use the same payment card or device every time you tap.

Apple Watch users: Hop will recognize your Apple Watch and iPhone as two different payment types, even if they’re connected to the same card. Make sure you only tap one device throughout the day so you can earn passes as you ride.


Honored Citizen Hop card

You could save money with a Hop card

If you want to use reduced fares for seniors, youth, people with disabilities, people who qualify based on income, veterans and active-duty military, you’ll need to get a Hop card.