Paying With a Hop Card

A Hop card is not required to use TriMet (you can pay the $2.50 Adult fare by tapping your phone or contactless credit card). But if you ride frequently or qualify for our reduced fares, you can save money with a Hop card.

Hop cards

How it works

Load money

You can get a Hop card and load money on it at Fred Meyer, Safeway and New Seasons stores. You can use a credit/debit card or cash to load your card. A Hop card costs $3, and there’s a $5 minimum load. Learn more about loading money on your Hop card.

Tap to board

Tap your card on the green Hop reader as you board. The screen will show a confirmation that you paid your fare and you will hear an audible chime. You’re good to go!

Day Pass

Your fare is good for 2½ hours. If you tap again after 2½ hours, you’ll be charged for a second fare. You’ll also automatically earn a Day Pass, which means you can ride as much as you want until the end of the service day (3 a.m.).

Month Pass

After paying the equivalent of a Month Pass in a calendar month ($100 for Adult riders or $28 for Honored Citizen and Youth), you’ll automatically earn a Month Pass, which means the rest of your rides are free that month.

Tap every time

Remember to tap the Hop reader every time you board a bus or train (including when you transfer). You won’t necessarily be charged every time you tap, but your tap is your proof of payment. You’ll never pay more than a Day Pass in a day or a Month Pass in a month, no matter how many times you tap.

Get registered

You can register and load money on your card at or using the Hop app. When you register your Hop card, your account balance is protected if you lose your card, and you can set up Auto-Load so you’re never stuck without fare.