Design work on the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project was paused in 2020 after voters rejected a local funding measure for multiple transportation improvements. In early 2022, Metro, TriMet and the Federal Transit Administration completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and issued a Record of Decision (ROD) to ensure the project is eligible for future federal funding. See Metro’s project website to access to these documents.

Station Access:

The Shared Investment Strategy, adopted in 2013 by the project Steering Committee, recommended constructing roadway, bike and pedestrian projects. These station access projects are not in the current project budget but could be designed and built by the project if other funding sources are secured.

There are currently 23 station access projects identified in the City of Portland. Projects will be prioritized using public input as well as criteria including safety, equity, proximity and access.

Potential projects

Project numbers correspond to identification in the Environmental Impact Statement.

1 1st Ave Bikeway

2 Grover Bikeway

3 Hamilton Sidewalks & Bikeway

4 Terwilliger Bikeway

5 Chestnut Bikeway

6 13th Sidewalks & Bikeway

7 Custer Sidewalks

8 Custer Walk/Bike Bridge

9 Capitol Hill Sidewalks & Bikeway

10 19th Bikeway

11 Troy Bikeway

12 Spring Garden & Dolph Sidewalks & Bikeway

13 24th Sidewalks & Bikeway

14 26th Sidewalks & Bikeway

15 30th Sidewalks

16 Taylors Ferry Sidewalks & Bikeway

17 40th Sidewalks & Bikeway

18 Capitol Sidewalks & Bikeway

19 Luradel Sidewalks/Bike Bridge & Bikeway

20 53rd Walk/Bike Bridge

21 Pomona Sidewalks & Bikeway

22 Pasadena Sidewalks & Bikeway

23 Barbur/PCC to Triangle Connection

station access opportunities map



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Project Partners

TriMet Metro ODOT Washington Couty City of Durham City of Portland City of Tigard City of Tualatin