Design work on the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project was paused in 2020 after voters rejected a local funding measure for multiple transportation improvements. In early 2022, Metro, TriMet and the Federal Transit Administration completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and issued a Record of Decision (ROD) to ensure the project is eligible for future federal funding. See Metro’s project website to access to these documents.

Inner Portland:
Gibbs Street Station

Nestled between the historic Lair Hill neighborhood and the forested West Hills of Terwilliger Parkway, the Gibbs Street Station will provide a critical connection for the thousands of employees, patients and students visiting Marquam Hill every day. Enhanced pedestrian crossings will make it easier for South Portland residents to access Terwilliger Parkway’s natural beauty and expansive views. With a new crossing of SW Naito Pkwy and the Marquam Hill Connector, a pedestrian connection will reach from the South Waterfront to Marquam Hill. These connections will provide direct access to the light rail station, and a new public plaza.


Former synagogue building site constraints PDF

Downtown Portland to Marquam Hill map

Downtown Portland to Hamilton Street


Conceptual rendering
Subject to change

Gibbs Station cross section

Station overview

Gibbs station overview

Station features

Gibbs Station features

Station cross section

Gibbs Station cross section


Mobility and Connectivity

Mobility & Connectivity

  • Three new and improved pedestrian crossing along SW Barbur Blvd
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings of SW Barbur Blvd and SW Naito Pkwy at SW Gibbs St intersections, connecting neighborhoods Marquam Hill and South Waterfront
  • Re-designed Barbur-Naito intersection for safer bike and pedestrian mobility
  • Planned connections to bus lines 44, 56 (shared transitway) line 43 on 1st Ave, and lines 54, 96 on SW Naito Pkwy
  • One travel lane retained in each direction along SW Barbur Blvd, north of SW Naito Pkwy


  • Access to Lair Hill, Homestead and South Waterfront neighborhoods, and Marquam Hill destinations
  • Narrowed street section maintains emergency access while minimizing park and historic property impacts
  • Access to Terwilliger Parkway, Duniway and Lair Hill Parks


  • Enhanced street tree canopies and stormwater treatment along SW Barbur Blvd



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