Design work on the Southwest Corridor Light Rail Project was paused in 2020 after voters rejected a local funding measure for multiple transportation improvements. In early 2022, Metro, TriMet and the Federal Transit Administration completed the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and issued a Record of Decision (ROD) to ensure the project is eligible for future federal funding. See Metro’s project website to access to these documents.

Inner Portland:
Shared Transitway

A 1.6 mile segment of paved trackway, called the shared transitway, is planned between Downtown Portland Hillsdale. This feature accommodates both bus and light rail operations and provides bus routes with access to dedicated transit lanes.

The transitway will allow buses traveling to and from destinations to the west to skip traffic from SW Capitol Highway to the Portland Transit Mall, minimizing congestion and improving travel times and reliability.

An existing example of this feature is the MAX Orange Line’s 1.3-mile shared transitway, which provides access for the bus lines 17 and 9, and the Portland Streetcar approaching Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People.

Shared Transit

Shared Transitway Map

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