Hollywood Transit Center

Hollywood Transit Center Tribute

We are planning a tribute to the lives that were lost and the lives that were touched by the assaults on MAX near the Hollywood Transit Center.


The afternoon of May 26, 2017, three riders on board a MAX train approaching Hollywood Transit Center were assaulted after they stood up to a man who was harassing two young women based on their race and religion. Two of the intervening riders were killed and the third was left with life-threatening injuries.


The tragedy sparked an immediate and tremendous outpouring of love and support at the transit center. Thousands of people expressed their appreciation for the men who intervened and offered condolences to their families and friends. Words of healing and encouragement were left for the young women. Altogether, the messages, chalk art and bouquets of flowers created a moving and spontaneous temporary memorial.

Moving forward with tributes

The attack forever changed lives and deeply affected TriMet and our community. To honor the lives lost, the strength of those who stood up to hate and the emotional outpouring in the days after the attack, an artist has been selected to create a Tribute Wall.

After reviewing concepts from four finalists, the Hollywood Transit Center Tribute Wall Advisory Committee chose Sarah Farahat and her team to transform nearly 2,000 feet of wall space at the Hollywood Transit Center. The tribute will reflect the spirit of the heartfelt messages and images that family, friends and strangers created at the transit center in the wake of the incident. Farahat provided an initial conceptual rendering for the Tribute Wall and subsequently received input from the advisory committee and impacted family members to create the final design (shown below).

Conceptual rendering subject to change Conceptual rendering subject to change

Conceptual rendering subject to change: ramp wall Conceptual rendering subject to change: ramp wall

Conceptual rendering subject to change: back wall Conceptual rendering subject to change: back wall

In addition, after conferring with the families of those involved, we plan to put a commemorative plaque at the transit center. The exact size of the plaque is not yet determined, but it is expected to be approximately 3 feet by 5 feet. It will include descriptive words that honor the three men and the two women, along with images of the spontaneous memorial.

Writer, designer, editor and typographer John Laursen will design the artwork. For four decades, his Portland studio has specialized in the design and production of books and text-based public art projects, including memorials. He is working directly with the families and others to create a thoughtful acknowledgement.

Advisory Committee

Previous Meeting Notes

Committee Members

Mohamed Alyajouri
Muslim Educational Trust

Meagan Atiyeh
Oregon Arts Commission

Randy Blazak
Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crime

Eugenie Jolivett Fontana
Regional Arts and Culture Council

Sabina Haque

Victor Maldonado
Pacific Northwest College of Art Diversity and Inclusion

Valerie Otani, Chair
Hillsboro Public Art Program

April Slabosheski
Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education


Other plans for Hollywood Transit Center

In April 2016, we began to look at ways to improve the Hollywood Transit Center. A conceptual design effort is now underway that may result in redesigning and/or redeveloping the transit center over the coming years. During that renovation, the plaque will be incorporated into a permanent memorial honoring the men and women at the center of our thoughts that day, as well as our community’s inspired reaction that renounced hate and embraced healing.


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