Equity and Access

We’ve updated our Title VI Program

This document describes what we do to make sure our programs and services are provided equitably.

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TriMet’s services and business opportunities are open to everyone in our community. We operate with fairness and equity for all. Learn more about TriMet’s commitment to fairness and access:

Business opportunities for all

We are eager to do business with small and growing companies, especially those owned by people of color and women.

Fairness and nondiscrimination

We respect the civil rights of all the people we serve. We operate our programs without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability, in accordance with applicable law.

Access and service for those who depend on transit

We are deeply committed to serving all the people of our community. One of our core business objectives is to allocate our resources in a way that low-income populations and communities of color receive high-quality service.