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Heat Advisory Updated: 6:03 a.m., Mon. Jul. 6, 2015

Stay hydrated and plan ahead as extreme heat continues this week and may lead to delays. MAX slows in some areas in 90+ heat and trains systemwide slow to no more than 35 mph if temperatures pass 100. In 95+ heat, WES trains slow to no more than 30 mph. Learn more

94-Pacific Hwy/Sherwood

94-Pacific Hwy/Sherwood provides local weekday service between Sherwood and Tigard and express service between Tigard and Portland City Center.




No service on Saturday


No service on Saturday

Service alerts in effect:

The northbound stop on SW Pacific Hwy at Canterbury (Stop ID 4274) is closed until further notice. Use stop at Bull Mtn (Stop ID 4270) or McDonald/Gaarde (Stop ID 4255).

The southbound stop on Pacific Hwy at Gaarde (Stop ID 4286) is closed. Use the stop before, at Watkins (Stop ID 4320) or after, at Canterbury (Stop ID 4273).

Snow route: Click on the map to see the typical snow route. During snow/ice, check the Service Alerts page or call 503-238-RIDE (7433) and select option 2 for current snow service information.

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