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Advertising on TriMet

Transit shelter adAdvertising on TriMet buses, trains, shelters and benches is a cost-effective way to reach prospective customers with large-as-life messages that they simply can't ignore.

Why transit ads?

  • They're memorable. A study of transit shelters in Philadelphia indicated that "aided recall" of the ad message was nearly three times that of print ads, and nearly twice that of TV.
  • They're hard to ignore. Transit ads can't be fast-forwarded or tossed aside. People see your ads seven days a week, around the clock, when they're out of the house or office and ready to respond. Often, they have no choice but to look!
  • They're cost-effective and simple to execute. Transit advertising typically costs much less per impression than television, radio, newspaper or billboards—as little as $.003.

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TriMet Transit Advertising Policy and Standards

To comply with the recent court ruling in Karuk Tribe et al v. TriMet, TriMet is suspending its Advertising Policy and Standards authorized by the General Manager on January 8, 2008. Although TriMet respectfully disagrees with the court's order and is taking steps to seek review, TriMet will allow transit advertising submissions that are not misleading, do not have an adverse effect on the health, safety and welfare of its customers, and do not unduly interfere with TriMet's stated purpose and/or confuse the viewer as to the identity of its true sponsor. It is not, however, TriMet's intent to create a public forum with this interim approach; rather, TriMet's intent is to comply with the court order until such time as it is reversed.