Advertising on TriMet

Advertising on TriMet is a cost-effective way to reach prospective customers with messages that they simply can’t ignore.

Buses, trains, shelters and benches

  • They’re memorable. A study of transit shelters in Philadelphia indicated that “aided recall” of the ad message was nearly three times that of print ads, and nearly twice that of TV.
  • They’re hard to ignore. Transit ads can’t be fast-forwarded or tossed aside. People see your ads seven days a week, around the clock, when they’re out of the house or office and ready to respond. Often, they have no choice but to look!
  • They’re cost-effective and simple to execute. Transit advertising typically costs much less per impression than television, radio, newspaper or billboards—as little as $.003.

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TransitTracker by Text

We also offer ad spots on our TransitTracker by Text service, which is used by tens of thousands of riders each month to get real-time arrival information. Contact our ad partner M2P Marketing for details.

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