TriMet Personnel and Security Staff

You’re likely to see many different TriMet employees on your trips, including customer service, operations and security staff. We’re all here to help you get where you need to go, safely and reliably. Feel free to say hi — we’re happy to help! Here’s who’s who:


Photo of a bus operator

Our professional operators are often referred to as the “face of TriMet.” While their main job is to transport you safely to your destination, they’re also city ambassadors and serve as the eyes and ears of our transit system. If you ever need help, or need to report an unsafe situation, tell your operator.

Operators wear bright blue shirts. They may also wear a bright blue puffy or gray jacket.

On-Street Customer Service

Photo of a Customer Service Representative

You’ll find On-Street Customer Service out on the street helping riders plan trips, educating them about service changes, and supporting operators and supervisors during events and service disruptions.

On-Street Customer Service staff wear high-visibility green safety vests with “Customer Service” printed on the back.

Ride Guides

Photo of a Ride Guide

Ride Guides help with trip planning, wayfinding and customer support during large events, service disruptions/closures and construction projects — wherever riders need a little extra help getting around.

Ride Guides wear high-visibility blue safety vests with “Ride Guide” printed on the back.

Customer Safety Supervisors

Photo of Customer Safety Supervisor

Customer Safety Supervisors patrol our transit system to discourage inappropriate and illegal behavior. In addition to enforcing the Rules for Riding, they check fares and issue warnings, citations or exclusions for riders without a valid fare.

Customer Safety Supervisors wear light blue shirts or gray jackets with “Customer Safety Supervisor” printed on the shoulder.

Customer Safety Officers

Photo of Customer Safety Officers

Customer Safety Officers are contracted security staff. They’re unarmed and patrol the TriMet system to assist riders and employees, while discouraging inappropriate and illegal behavior.

Customer Safety Officers wear bright blue and black shirts or bright blue jackets with “Customer Safety” printed on the shoulder and back.

Facilities Maintenance

Photo of Facilities Maintenance employee

On any given day, there’s a good chance you’ll see members of our Facilities Maintenance team working at our MAX stations, Park & Ride lots, transit centers and TriMet buildings — making repairs, cleaning, inspecting and making sure all rider facilities are safe and in good working order.

Facilities Maintenance staff wear yellow safety vests with “Facilities Maintenance” printed on the back.

Field Supervisors

Photo of Field Supervisors

Our field Supervisors help keep our transit system running smoothly by supporting operators on their routes, responding to incidents, and encouraging safe behavior on and around buses and trains.

Field Supervisors wear light blue shirts, bright blue puffy jackets or gray jackets, with patches on the right sleeves. The patches say “Field Operations Road Supervisor,” “Field Operations Lead Supervisor,” or “Field Operations Rail Supervisor.”

Safety Response Team

Photo of Safety Response Team members

Our Safety Response Team provides an additional security presence while supporting riders, employees and community members in need. This team discourages inappropriate and illegal behavior while conducting social service outreach and giving referrals for housing, mental health and addiction services.

Safety Response Team members wear bright blue and black shirts, bright blue and yellow jackets or vests. They carry black backpacks with “Safety Response Team” printed on the back. The backpacks are filled with supplies and resources, including Narcan, an overdose-reducing nasal spray.

Allied Universal Transit Security Officers

Photo of Allied Transit Security Officer

Transit Security Officers are unarmed contracted security staff who patrol the TriMet system, discourage inappropriate and illegal behavior, and assist riders and employees.

Allied Universal Transit Security Officers wear black and yellow uniforms with “Transit Security” on the back.

Transit Police Officers

Photo of Transit Police Officer

Transit Police Officers discourage inappropriate and illegal behavior and respond to serious incidents and emergencies. They enforce local and state laws as well as TriMet’s Rules for Riding.

Transit Police Officers wear the uniform for their home agency, such as Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Port of Portland Police, etc. Some officers may have a “Transit Police” patch on their uniform or vest.


Photo of a TriMeteer

TriMeteers are contracted brand ambassadors for TriMet. You'll see them at community events, like fairs and festivals.

TriMeteers wear blue and orange polo shirts. They also wear blue and orange hats. They may also wear orange jackets.

A Note About ICE

TriMet does not work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, nor will we inquire about anyone’s immigration status.