Accessibility Features for Blind or Low Vision Riders

If you are blind or have a vision impairment, these accessibility features can help you get around on buses and trains:

Accessibility features

  • At MAX, WES and Streetcar stations, there are textured tiles along the length of the boarding platform that warn you when you are near the platform edge. You can feel these tiles with your feet or a cane.
  • MAX and WES stations have Braille/raised-letter signs that indicate which lines serve the station and where they go.
  • At MAX stations on the Portland Transit Mall, you can hear an audio announcement of the next arrivals by pushing a button.
  • All ticket machines have instructions in audio, raised letter and Braille.
  • MAX, WES and buses announce their line name and destination over an external speaker as they pull up to a stop. Inside, they announce the name of the next station (on MAX and WES) or the next major intersection or transfer point (on buses). On the bus, you can also ask the operator to announce when you are nearing a specific stop.
  • Service animals are permitted on all buses, MAX and WES trains, and the Portland Streetcar. Learn more about bringing a service animal on board
  • If you have a cell phone, you can get real-time arrival information by calling 503-238-7433, selecting “1” for “TransitTracker,” and entering the Stop ID number.

Travel aids available

Call 503-962-2455 or email us for more information about the following travel aids:

  • Bus line identifiers in large-print and Braille can help you let the operator know you need to board.
  • Bus, MAX, WES and Streetcar schedules are available in large-print format and on audio cassette.
  • Stop/station details including location and amenities are available for users of The Sendero Group’s BrailleNote and VoiceNote GPS wayfinding devices. Learn more at MySendero