Masks recommended on transit

Masks recommended on transit

Updated: 11:48am, Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Masks are optional on TriMet. However, the Multnomah County Health Department, the Oregon Health Authority and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend wearing a mask in indoor settings, including public transit. More

Adding and Expanding Bus Service Through Spring 2019

We’re continuing a 10-year expansion of transit throughout the Portland area.

✔️ All‑night service to PDX    ✔️ 24‑hour bus lines    ✔️ A new route over the Fremont Bridge

We’re about to finalize the list of bus service improvements we’ll make later this year and early next year, and these are just a few of our ideas.


Recently Updated Proposals

We’ve updated some of our plans based on what we heard from you over the last few months.

4Line 4-Division/Fessenden splits into two routes

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Line 4-Division/Fessenden is one of our longest and most popular bus routes. We recently proposed splitting the line into two routes to help buses stay on time: One route running between Gresham Transit Center and Downtown Portland, and the other between Downtown Portland and St. Johns. The lines would share stops in Downtown Portland, making transfers easy.

24Line 24-Fremont extends to Downtown Portland

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We got some great feedback on our recent proposal to extend Line 24-Fremont over the Fremont Bridge to Goose Hollow in SW Portland, where it would connect with MAX Blue and Red line service. Based on your comments, we’ll continue to serve the stops on Vancouver and Williams all the way to Russell. We’re also considering making buses more frequent and adding weekend service.

79Line 79-Clackamas/Oregon City gets a more direct route

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We want to expand and improve bus service between Clackamas and Oregon City to give you more options for your trip. We recently proposed a couple changes — first, we want to reroute Line 79 to 82nd Avenue, I-205 and Washington Street. This would provide a more direct trip and eliminate service on Strawberry Lane.

Second, we want to add a new route between Clackamas Town Center and Oregon City Transit Center via Thiessen, Webster, Arlington and McLoughlin.

*All-night bus service to Portland International Airport

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Portland International Airport is one of our region’s most popular destinations, and somewhere riders need to go day and night. We recently proposed a new bus route that would serve the airport when the MAX Red Line isn’t running — this would mean 24/7 transit access to PDX. The new route would connect to Burnside Street via 82nd Avenue, where riders could transfer to proposed overnight service on Line 20. The new route would serve all stops on 82nd between Burnside and Killingsworth.


More Improvements

20Line 20-Burnside/Stark gets more frequent buses and all-night service

We’re considering running buses 24 hours a day between Beaverton Transit Center and Gresham on Line 20 to accommodate earlier and later work shifts. We would also like to increase frequency between Beaverton TC and Downtown Portland. (The last time TriMet provided all-night service was 1986!)

57Line 57-TV Hwy/Forest Grove gets all-night service

We are considering introducing 24-hour service on Line 57.

6161-Marquam Hill/Beaverton gets expanded hours of operation

We’re proposing earlier and later trips to OHSU and beyond to accommodate earlier and later work shifts.

6464-Marquam Hill/Tigard gets expanded hours of operation

We’re proposing earlier and later trips to OHSU and beyond to accommodate earlier and later work shifts.

6666-Marquam Hill/Hollywood gets expanded hours of operation

We’re proposing earlier and later trips to OHSU and beyond to accommodate earlier and later work shifts.

6868-Marquam Hill/Collins Circle gets expanded hours of operation

We’re proposing earlier and later trips to OHSU and beyond to accommodate earlier and later work shifts.

7373-122nd Ave gets more frequent buses

We’re proposing increased frequency on Line 73 to help get riders to jobs, shopping and recreation.

*A new bus line on Webster Road

View proposed map

To accompany more direct service on Line 79, we are considering a new bus line running between Clackamas Town Center and Oregon City Transit Center. This new route would follow SE Thiessen Road, Webster Road, Arlington Street, and McLoughlin Boulevard.


81Line 81-Kane/257th gets more frequent buses

Line 81 begins serving the Troutdale Airport Business Park this spring, and we’d like to increase the frequency or hours of operation by March 2019 to better serve businesses in the area.

96Line 96-Tualatin/I-5 gets more trips

We’re proposing introducing mid-day service on Line 96 between Tualatin and Downtown Portland in response to community feedback.


What’s in the budget?

In addition to our plans for new and improved service, the budget for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 2018–June 2019) accounts for some exciting projects:

  • Construction work to upgrade some of our oldest MAX stations and improve MAX reliability
  • New Bike & Rides at Beaverton Creek, Goose Hollow and Gateway Transit Center
  • Exploring the possibility of an all-electric bus fleet, down the road
  • Preparation for the Division Transit Project
  • Planning for safer, more reliable transportation and a new MAX line in Southwest Portland
  • Improving MAX Red Line reliability and extending service to Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport
  • Prioritizing transit along the busiest bus lines in Portland


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