Martin Luther King Jr. Day schedules

Martin Luther King Jr. Day schedules

Updated: 9:11am, Mon. Jan. 17, 2022

For the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday today, MAX and buses are running on Sunday schedule. WES Commuter Rail and Portland Streetcar are running on regular weekday schedules. Buses that do not normally run on Sundays are not in service. TriMet Customer Service offices are closed. More

Paying on the bus

Studies and Surveys

In order to provide the best service to the growing and changing Portland metro area, we do our best to keep track of who’s riding and why — or why not. We conduct regular studies and surveys on board and online to learn more about our riders, and the results help guide our efforts to expand and improve transit.

On-Board Surveys

TriMet utilizes on-board rider surveys to produce data in support of planning initiatives, Title VI program updates, and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) reports. The findings and statistical analysis provide valuable information about riders and travel patterns, as well as the effects of new rail alignments, service improvements, and fare changes.

The survey team conducts recurring and on-demand customer intercept surveys on-board vehicles using tablet computers and web-based survey software. The data gathered from these surveys is used by multiple departments within the agency.

Some of the typical surveys include:

  • Fare surveys
  • Fare evasion surveys
  • Before and after studies
  • Origin and destination studies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Title VI related surveys
  • Ridership studies
  • Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) verification surveys
  • Bus and rail operator surveys



Attitude & Awareness Survey

DHM Research conducts a survey which tracks TriMet’s performance, services, new projects and ridership.

Highlights from the most recent study (2018) include:

  • Overall job approval has increased to 75 percent
  • Bus approval of 74 percent
  • MAX approval of 78 percent


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