46-North Hillsboro

46-North Hillsboro provides weekday service between Hillsboro Transit Center, Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport MAX Station, and Hillsboro Library, along 1st, Glencoe, Evergreen, 15th, Griffin Oaks, 25th, Cornell, 34th, Brookwood and Dawson Creek.

Line 46 Schedules


No service on Saturday


No service on Sunday

Service alerts in effect:

On Monday, May 29, Memorial Day, buses are running on Sunday schedule. Since this line does not run on Sunday, service is canceled.

For trips to Hillsboro Brookwood Library, May 12- mid November, no service to stops on Griffin Oaks and stops north of Sunrise lane on NE 25th Ave. Temporary stops will be located on NE 15th Ave at Griffin Oaks (ID 13901) or on NE 25th Ave 200 feet south of Sunrise Lane (ID 13902). Due to road work on NE Griffin Oaks St.

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