72-Killingsworth/82nd connects Swan Island, NE Portland, SE Portland and Clackamas Town Center, via Killingsworth, Alberta and 82nd.

Frequent Service This bus line runs every 15 minutes or less most of the day, every day. More

Line 72 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

No service at eastbound stop N Killingsworth & Interstate (Stop ID 3169) due to construction. Use temp stop on west side of Interstate Ave on utility pole in front of 76 gas station.

The elevator at Clackamas Town Center Transit Center is out of service. For information around this outage, see trimet.org/elevators. More

Through Friday, April 19, no service at northbound stop SE 82nd & Schiller (Stop ID 8040) due to construction. No temp stop.

On Thursday, April 18, no service to the southbound stop at SE 82nd & Raymond (Stop ID 8030) from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. due to paving work.

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