43-Taylors Ferry/Marquam Hill

43-Taylors Ferry/Marquam Hill connects Tigard Transit Center, Metzger, SW Portland, Burlingame, and Marquam Hill along Hall, Taylors Ferry, Barbur, Spring Garden, Terwilliger, Bertha, and Capitol Hwy.

Effective August 27, 2023

We’ve improved service on Line 43, with buses arriving every 30 minutes for more hours of the day, every day. Line 43 provides service between Hillsdale to OHSU.

The name 43-Taylors Ferry Rd has been changed to 43-Taylors Ferry/Marquam Hill.

Line 43 Schedules

Service alert in effect:

For trips to Tigard TC, board using the northernmost stop at Barbur Transit Center (Stop ID 212). And for trips to Marquam Hill, board using the central stop at Barbur TC (Stop ID 8213). More

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