67-Bethany/158th runs weekdays and Saturdays connecting Merlo MAX Station and PCC Rock Creek, via 158th, Bethany and Springville.

Line 67 Schedules


No service on Sunday

Service alerts in effect:

Beginning Wednesday, June 21, no service to the southbound stop at NW Kaiser & Westbrook (Stop ID 10104), due to construction. Use stop before at NW Kaiser & Graf (Stop ID 10105), or after at NW Bethany & Wismer (Stop ID 10106).

No service to northbound stops on SW 158th Ave at Jenkins (Stop ID 8234), Jay (Stop ID 6839), Baseline (Stop ID 8232) and Greystone Ct (Stop ID 13202), due to construction. Use stops before or after at Merlo Rd/SW 158th MAX Stn (Stop ID 12899) or SW 158th & Walker (Stop ID 6832).

Starting Friday, September 22, for trips to Merlo Rd & SW 158th, no service to the 800 block of SW 158 (Stop ID 10182) stop due to construction. Use stop at SW 158th & Walker (Stop ID 6833).

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