71-60th/122nd Ave

71-60th/122nd Ave connects Clackamas Town Center, Errol Heights, Eastmoreland, Woodstock, Mt. Tabor, Cully, Parkrose, Maywood Park and Lents, via King, Bell, 72nd, Flavel, 52nd, 60th, 57th, Prescott, 122nd and Foster.

Line 71 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

No service to the westbound stop at Clackamas Town Center Mall (Stop ID 12922) until further notice. A temporary stop is located at Driveway #3 & Driveway #1, across the street from the movie theater entrance.

No service to southbound stops at SE Bell & Overland (Stop ID 393) and SE Bell & Jordan (Stop ID 398), and the northbound stop at SE Bell & Our Ct (Stop ID 394) for approximately 2 months due to construction.

No service to stops on SE Bell Ave between Johnson Creek Blvd and King Rd, due to construction.

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