87-Airport Way/181st

87-Airport Way/181st provides service between Gateway Transit Center and Gresham Transit Center Rockwood and Parkrose, along 102nd, Sandy, 105th, Airport Way, 181st/182nd, Highland, 14th, Heiney, Binford Lake Parkway, Towle, Eastman Parkway, and Divison.

Line 87 Schedules


No service on Saturday


No service on Sunday

Service alert in effect:

No service on NE 105th, NE Holman and NE Airport Way between 105th and 122nd. No service south of Powell on Eastman Pkwy, Towle, Binford Lake Pkwy, Heiney, 14th drive, or Highland. Buses travel on SE Powell between Eastman Pkwy and 182nd.

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