Face covering required on TriMet

Face covering required on TriMet

Updated: 10:27pm, Tue. Jun. 30, 2020

A scarf, bandanna or fabric mask works, as long as it covers your nose and mouth. More

MAX in Downtown Portland

Eastside Transit Project

Opened on September 5, 1986, the original MAX line connects Gresham to Downtown Portland.

MAX Blue Line
Gresham/City Center

  • Opened: September 5, 1986
  • Length: 15 miles
  • Stations: 30
  • Construction: March 1982–September 1986
  • Cost: $214 million


Eastside MAX Blue Line MAX at Pioneer Courthouse Square
  • Connects Gresham and Portland City Center
  • Among the first light rail systems in the nation
  • Represents our region’s shift toward innovative land-use and transportation planning
  • Funded by the Federal Transit Administration (83%), state transportation funds (12%) and local funds (5%)
  • One of the first federally funded light rail projects, using money initially earmarked to build freeways
  • Completed on schedule and within budget
  • Catalyst for more than $4.7 billion in development and revitalization (particularly in Portland City Center and the Lloyd District)
  • Ridership has exceeded expectations