Rail System Fact Sheets

TriMet’s Rail Vehicle Fleet PDF

The evolution of TriMet’s light rail vehicles, and the power of WES Commuter Rail trains. July 2016

Rail Maintenance Facilities PDF

MAX light rail vehicles are stored and maintained at the Ruby Junction and Elmonica facilities, and WES Commuter Rail cars are maintained, washed and stored at a facility in Wilsonville. July 2016

Power, Signals and Traffic Interface PDF

TriMet’s light rail system is powered by a conventional 750-volt DC overhead system. Traffic signal preempting and route signaling is utilized to minimize delays to both MAX and vehicle traffic. July 2016

Light Rail Stations PDF

TriMet’s 97 MAX light rail stations are purposefully designed to relate to the local community, helping support its local character. August 2016

Trackways PDF

The MAX system uses paved track, direct fixation track and open (tie and ballast) track. August 2016