Becoming a Customer: The Eligibility Process

Eligibility options and how to apply.

Basis for Eligibility

The presence of a disability or a disabling health condition by itself does not make you eligible.

Eligibility is also not based on your age, income, inability to drive, or the lack of availability or inconvenience of fixed-route services.

For example, someone’s physical and/or mental impairment might prevent them from:

  • getting to and from bus stops or MAX stations
  • waiting at a stop or station
  • boarding and exiting
  • understanding and remembering how to use the services
  • finding their way


Eligibility Categories

There are four categories of eligibility that a LIFT customer may be determined eligible for: Unconditional, Conditional, Temporary and Visitor.

Unconditional eligibility

This means that the person’s disability or health condition prevents them from using fixed-route services for all trips. If an applicant receives unconditional eligibility status they will be eligible to ride with LIFT for three (3) years.

Conditional eligibility

This includes a description of certain circumstances or “conditions” when the person is unable to use fixed-route services and would qualify to use the LIFT service. Currently, LIFT relies on the individual to decide when they need to use LIFT service for any specific trip.

Temporary eligibility

This is determined when the person’s abilities and/or limitations are expected to change within a period of time.

Visitor eligibility

This is for individuals visiting the Portland Metropolitan area for a time period of 21 days or less in a rolling 365-day period. Contact our eligibility office at 503-962-8200 to enquire about applying for Visitor eligibility status.


How to Apply

NEW: Fill out the online application:

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Download the application packet:

LIFT Application Packet

Instrucciones del proceso de elegibilida para el servicio LIFT

To request a LIFT application packet by mail or fax, contact the Transit Mobility Center at 503-962-8000, option #2.


TriMet Mobility Center

The TriMet Mobility Center is located on NW 5th and Davis. Before riding LIFT every applicant will first come to the Mobility Center for an in-person interview with a LIFT Eligibility Coordinator followed by a physical assessment. The physical assessment features a walkthrough of the Transit Mobility Course which is meant to simulate some of the obstacles individuals with disabilities may face during the course of their daily lives. This two-phase approach to eligibility allows for TriMet staff to evaluate the individual needs of each applicant and give you the opportunity to ask questions about riding LIFT.

LIFT offers a complementary ride to and from each applicant’s eligibility appointment.


Eligibility Appeals

Applicants who are determined not eligible or who do not agree with the conditions established for their use of the LIFT service may request an appeal, which must be filed within 65 days from the date of the initial eligibility determination. If you have any questions about your eligibility determination, or wish to appeal, you may contact your LIFT Eligibility Coordinator as indicated in your determination letter.

LIFT Eligibility Appeal Process