Bus icon7-Broadway/Halsey

77-Broadway/Halsey connects Montgomery Park, NW Portland, the Pearl District, Union Station/Greyhound, Portland City Center, the Rose Quarter, Irvington, Hollywood, outer NE Portland, Fairview and Troutdale, via Vaughn, Thurman, 21st, Everett/Glisan, Multnomah, Broadway/Weidler and Halsey.

Line 77 Schedules

Service alerts in effect:

The southbound stop on NW 21st at Quimby (Stop ID 7132) is closed for building construction. Use stop before at Savier (Stop ID 10693) or after, at Northrup (Stop ID 7137).

On Friday, November 27, from about 6:30 to 10:45 a.m., no service to eastbound stops between NW Everett & 14th and Rose Quarter Transit Center due to parade. During the disruption, buses will temporarily serve the Line 17 stop at NW Broadway & Irving (Stop ID 625).

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