Masks recommended on transit

Masks recommended on transit

Updated: 7:22am, Thu. May. 12, 2022

Masks are now optional on our buses and trains due to a change in federal law, but the CDC does recommend continuing to mask up on transit. We know our riders have mixed feelings about the mandate ending. Some people may continue to wear a mask for added safety, while others may choose not to. We ask everyone to be respectful of others' masking choices. More

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High School Access Transit Program
Summer Pass (Pilot)

This program will provide free transit passes to qualifed high school students during the summer months in 2022 and 2023.

How it works

We’re taking advantage of a funding opportunity to give free transit passes to students who rely on transit during the summer months. Qualifying students will receive a transit pass valid from participating high schools in June for unlimited rides on buses, MAX, WES and Portland Streetcar. This will help them to get to school, jobs and other activities.

How to apply

We will update this page to include information on how to apply soon.


This pilot program is expected to begin in May 2022 and is funded by the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund.


Email Amparo Agosto or call 503-962-2130.