Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

Updated: 10:05am, Fri. Jun. 24, 2022

With hot weather in the forecast, be sure to stay hydrated, plan ahead and check trimet.org before you go. All MAX lines slow to no faster than 35 mph in 100+ heat.

Committee on Accessible Transportation

In 1985, the TriMet board formed the Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT). The primary purpose of this community advisory body is to provide TriMet with ongoing input on topics related to accessibility. CAT also serves by providing TriMet staff a communications link to key stakeholder groups representing persons with disabilities and seniors. The committee’s advisory role broadly covers topics related to transportation accessibility and improvements; using member’s lived experience and practical familiarity with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to provide insight on important decisions impacting mobility options in the Tri-County area.



  • June 9

    4–5 p.m. CAT and the Interstate Bridge Replacement Project
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  • June 15

    9–11 a.m. CAT Business Meeting – Public Meeting
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  • June 29

    12–2 p.m. CAT Luncheon

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