2021–22 Transit Service Improvements

Welcome aboard! We're ready to keep the region moving as more people return to transit. We’re making some changes so our service is faster and more reliable.

Despite current and projected drops in fare revenue and payroll tax revenue, we have identified opportunities to make improvements that come with little to no added cost. These changes take effect in September 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022.

Beginning Sunday, September 5
Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022)

Service changes

2 Division

Schedules adjusted to prepare for launch of FX in 2022.

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Route changes

11 Rivergate/Marine Dr

The route of Line 11-Rivergate/Marine Dr will change to speed up buses and riders. Due to low ridership, the route will no longer serve N Rivergate Blvd and N Ramsey Blvd.

Line 11 proposed change


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Route changes/New bus route

15 Belmont/NW 23rd   26 Thurman/NW 18th (New Route)

Northwest Portland will get a new bus line serving NW Thurman, 18th & 19th avenues, and Providence Park. Line 26-Thurman/NW 18th will replace Line 15-Belmont/NW 23rd on NW Thurman with smaller buses that fit the street and a schedule that fits demand. The new bus line will provide weekday service and weekend service. Line 15 will continue to serve NW 23rd.

Thurman/NW 18th (new route)

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Service Changes

19 Woodstock/Glisan

The schedule for Line 19-Woodstock/Glisan will be adjusted to speed up buses for riders and match service with demand. Line 19-Woodstock/Glisan will serve Westmoreland Union Manor between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. (all days), and serve SE 28th, SE Rex, and SE 32nd with morning trips to Downtown Portland and afternoon trips from Downtown Portland (weekdays). Weekend service for the SE 28th/Rex/32nd loop will be discontinued.

Line 19 proposed change

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Route changes

32 Oatfield

The route for Line 32-Oatfield will change, providing new service to Oregon City High School via Meyers Road.

Line 32 proposed change

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Route changes

39 Lewis & Clark

The route of Line 39-Lewis & Clark will change by discontinuing the loop near the Graduate Campus. Stop ID 11312 on S. Palatine Hill Road near South Campus Drive will close. Riders can continue to use stop ID 12731 at the Lewis & Clark College Gate 5 to board the Line 39 to Hillsdale.


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Service changes

47 47-Main/Evergreen

Schedules adjusted by up to 3 minutes to decrease travel time for riders.

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Service changes

74 74-162nd Ave

Schedules adjusted by up to 5 minutes to help operators stay on schedule.

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Service changes

80 Kane/Troutdale Rd

Schedules adjusted by up to 5 minutes to help operators stay on schedule.

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Service changes

82 South Gresham

Schedules adjusted by up to 5 minutes to help operators stay on schedule.


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Service changes

87 Airport Way/181st

Schedules adjusted by up to 5 minutes to help operators stay on schedule.

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Route combination

93 Tigard/Sherwood   94 Pacific Hwy/Sherwood

Line 94-Pacific Hwy/Sherwood will replace Line 93-Tigard/Sherwood, providing better mid-day service between Sherwood and Portland. On weekdays, Line 94 will serve the stops on SW Main Street in Downtown Tigard and will not enter the Tigard Transit Center. Additional trips will be added between Sherwood and Portland on weekdays.

On weekends and holidays, Line 94 will run between Tigard Transit Center and Sherwood about every 30 minutes.

Lines 93/94 proposed change

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Service Changes

MAX Orange Line

Earlier weekday morning trains added to increase access to jobs on Marquam Hill.

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Service Changes

Gateway Transit Center

Reorganized bus stops to focus boardings at one stop with expanded shelters, real-time arrival information, and improved signage.

Gateway TC proposed change

Service Changes

Tigard Transit Center

Line 94 to replace Line 93 and only serve the transit center on weekends. Lines 64 and 94 will serve the discontinued Line 93 stop.

Tigard TC proposed change


Service changes

15 Belmont/NW 23rd

We’re moving Line 15-Belmont/NW 23rd off SW Salmon Street to SW Alder Street to reduce travel time and simplify the route.

Lines 15 proposed change

Route changes

63 Washington Park/Arlington Hts

We’re partnering with Explore Washington Park to improve transit service to and around Washington Park. We’re proposing to change Line 63-Washington Park so it runs between the International Rose Test Garden/Japanese Garden and Downtown via a loop along SW Salmon, SW 6th, SW Washington, SW 10th, and SW Morrison.

Explore Washington Park will operate the Washington Park Free Shuttle within the park year round. Based on public feedback at the March Board meeting, we're proposing to operate two weekday morning trips from the Oregon Zoo through the Arlington Heights neighborhood to Downtown for students and commuters before the Washington Park Free Shuttle begins operations.

Line 63 proposed change

What else is in the works?

A Better Red logo

A Better Red

The MAX Red Line provides vital connections within our region, including service to Portland International Airport. As we continue looking at ways to improve our system, we’re planning to make the Red Line more reliable and extend service to the Fair Complex Center in Hillsboro. A Better Red project is expected to bring nearly $100 million in federal funds to the region and create jobs. The project is currently in the engineering phase, with work to be completed over multiple years.

Design and Environmental Review: 2017–21
Construction: 2021–23
Opening: 2024

Division Transit Project logo

Division Transit Project

The Division Transit Project will improve travel between Downtown Portland, Southeast and East Portland and Gresham with easier, faster and more reliable bus service. The high-capacity bus service will reduce travel times up to 20% with buses running every 12 minutes, and even more often during peak ridership times.

The 15-mile project will increase safety for people walking, biking and accessing transit. It is adding:

  • 4.5 miles of protected bike lanes
  • New marked crosswalks with stop lights median islands or flashing lights
  • Nearly 81,000 square feet of new sidewalks along the corridor

The project is expected to create more than 1,400 jobs and more than $137.7 million in added economic value is estimated to be created in the corridor.

This is our first TriMet FX™—or Frequent Express bus service, which will provide faster and more reliable trips on our busiest routes.

The new service is expected to begin in fall 2022.

Design and Environmental Review: 2017–19
Construction: 2019–22
Opening: 2022


Equitable service

TriMet studies any fare change or major service change for potential impacts on minority and low-income populations. To do this, TriMet conducts an equity analysis whenever such changes are proposed, including service improvements for fall 2021 and summer 2022. Share your thoughts on the draft equity analysis or take a moment to review previous analyses.


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