How to Ride

Getting around on TriMet is easy, thanks to our convenient trip-planning tools and fast contactless payment.

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1 Plan your trip


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To get started, visit the homepage and select “Planner” to plan a trip. We’ll give you step-by-step directions, including when and where to catch your bus or train.


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2Track your ride


TransitTracker on the web

Find out when your bus or train is coming with a real-time arrival countdown from TriMet’s TransitTracker™.

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More ways to track your ride:

TransitTracker on an electronic sign

Signs at MAX stations

All TriMet MAX stations, and some bus stops, have electronic signs showing the next arrivals.

TransitTracker by phone

By phone

Call 503-238-7433 and follow the voice prompts for TransitTracker. It helps to have your Stop ID Number ready.

TransitTracker by text

By text

Text your Stop ID Number to 27299. You’ll instantly get a text back showing the next arrivals for that stop.


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3Tap and go

To pay, tap the green Hop reader at the MAX/WES station or inside the bus every time you board. You can tap with your phone or contactless credit card to pay the $2.80 Adult fare. Or, tap with a Hop card, virtual Hop card or Hop ticket.


Frequent Service - Every 15 minutes or less

Frequent Service

Lose the wait! On our popular Frequent Service lines, buses run every 15 minutes or better throughout the day, every day.

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